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1.Worried about your health?
2.How to maintain your good health?
3.How to get rid of health problem?
4.What life style or diet style should you adopt?
5.How your body can heal itself with the help of natural diet and life style changes?
6.What are the herbs or herbal products that can bring your optimum health?

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"One who bears in his attractive four hands counch, circular weapon, a set of leeches and a pot with ambrosia, whose fine, shining and pure upper garment makes him appear especially wonderful, whose eyes are like lotus flower, whose bright bodily luster is of the colour of a fresh rain cloud, whose beautiful waist is adored by a magnificent yellow dress and who burns away all diseases just like a forest fire, to such a Lord Dhanvantari, I bow respectfully." 


“It is called ayurveda because it tells us which substances, qualities and actions are life enhancing, and which are not.”
Ayurveda originated in India long back in pre-vedic period. Rigveda and Atharva-veda ( 5000 years B.C.), the earliest documented ancient Indian knowledge have references on health and diseases. Ayurved texts like Charak Samhita and Sushruta Samhita were documented about 1000 years B.C.
The term Ayurveda means ‘Science of Life’.

It deals elaborately with measures for healthful living during the entire span of life and its various phases. Besides, dealing with principles for maintenance of health, it has also developed a wide range of therapeutic measures to combat illness. These principles of positive health and therapeutic measures relate to physical, mental, social and spiritual welfare of human beings.
Thus Ayurveda becomes one of the oldest systems of health care dealing with both the preventive and curative aspects of life in a most comprehensive way and presents a close similarity to the WHO’s concept of health propounded in the modern era.
A perusal of its several classical treatises indicates presence of two schools of Physicians and Surgeons and eight specialities.

These eight disciplines are generally called "Ashtanga Ayurveda" and are: -


• Internal Medicine(Kaya Chikitsa)
• Paediatrics(Kaumar Bhritya)
• Psychiatry( Bhoot Vidya)
• Oto rhino laryngology(E.N.T) and Ophthalmology(Shalakya)
• Surgery( Shalya)
• Toxicology( Agad Tantra)
• Geriatrics(Rasayana)
• Eugenics and aphrodisiacs(Vajikarana)